Exposing Climate Pollution

We investigate and expose the sources of pollution and illegal actors that undermine our climate goals and prevent environmental justice.

Our groundbreaking investigations and reports pinpoint some of the most problematic bad actors preventing or delaying effective implementation of climate policies. By utilizing a variety of investigative methods, sources, and robust data gathering to expose the truth, we seek to inform the most effective responses to underlying issues with policy implementation and enforcement.

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F-Gases at the Fenceline

EIA investigators detected emissions of substances that pose serious concerns for human health and the environment at the fencelines of major fluorochemical production facilities in the United States.

Press Release

Dangerous Climate Pollutant Leaks Uncovered in NYC Supermarket Chain

New York City, NY – A new report from the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) in partnership with the climate group uncovers what appear to be significant emissions of super-pollutant greenhouse gases from the local NYC supermarket chain Gristedes. Invisible leaks of refrigerants from supermarket cooling systems are a major source of climate pollution. According […]