Illegal wood in PNSD and Yavarí Tapiche

U.S. Policy Solutions

To be a true leader in global efforts to eliminate HFCs, the United States must implement ambitious and comprehensive policies to transition cooling technologies and control refrigerant emissions from cradle to grave. 

EIA works at the national, state and local levels to develop and advocate for innovative policy solutions, and ensure effective implementation and enforcement. This includes engaging federal policymakers to implement the American Innovation and Manufacturing (AIM) Act of 2020 and other regulatory mechanisms under the Clean Air Act. We also work at the state and local level to raise the bar for federal action by engaging with leading states in  the U.S. Climate Alliance, including California, Washington, and New York.

Policy solutions to eliminate HFC emissions must focus on these key areas: 

  • Reduce new HFC production and consumption 
  • Transition cooling and heat pump technologies to alternatives 
  • Prevent, detect, and repair leaks 
  • Maximize refrigerant recovery, reuse, and proper disposal 
  • Ensure a just transition and protect marginalized communities from potential health impacts in the production and use of HFCs and alternatives 

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 Illegal wood in PNSD and Yavarí Tapiche
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