Forests are being lost at an alarming rate around the globe, much of it due to illegal logging and forest conversion for agricultural commodities,  often fueled by international demand and global markets. EIA conducts ground-breaking investigations to document and expose forest crimes and works in alliance with local partners to support environmental defenders and to strengthen the rights of forest communities. We focus on evidence-based campaigns to achieve policy and regulatory reform that transform entire sectors, and work to increase transparency in global supply chains through the deployment of innovative technology.

Forest Campaign Goals

We aim to secure a future in which forests around the world are governed more equitably, transparently, and responsibly. To work towards this future, we:

  • Institute reform and law enforcement in forest countries to establish forest governance based on the rights and self determination of indigenous peoples and local communities;
  • Transform global trade and consumption patterns to eliminate deforestation and human rights violations from international supply chains; and
  • Increase accountability and deter environmental crimes through transparency and traceability in commodity supply chains and transparent trade data.

Forest Campaign Impact

EIA has a wealth of experience working to understand and transform illegal deforestation, associated supply chains, and key factors that facilitate illicit sourcing and trade. In collaboration with our in-country partners, EIA has exposed root causes of major environmental problems, driven instrumental regulatory changes on both production and demand sides, institutionalized groundbreaking transparent traceability systems, and helped catalyze people-powered initiatives and movements.

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Perú: ¡No a la impunidad en el caso Saweto!

La decisión de la Sala Penal de Apelaciones de Ucayali de anular la sentencia que condenaba a los autores intelectuales del asesinato de cuatro líderes indígenas asháninkas es un duro golpe a la justicia, a la memoria y a la dignidad de las víctimas y sus familiares, que han esperado más de dos décadas para ver reconocidos sus derechos a la verdad, la justicia y la reparación.

A pair of handmade banners reading
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Peru: No More Impunity in the Saweto Case!

The decision of the Penal Appeals Court of Ucayali to annul the sentence of those allegedly involved with the assassination of four Asháninka Indigenous leaders in 2014 is a strong affront to justice, memory and the dignity of the victims and their families, who have waited more than two decades to see a recognition of their rights to truth, justice and reparation.

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La vente aux enchères de combustibles fossiles en RDC après la signature par le gouvernement d’accords gaziers louches aliment de nouvelles inquiétudes

Le gouvernement de la République démocratique du Congo (RDC) a attribué les premiers contrats dans le cadre d'une vente aux enchères de 30 blocs de pétrole et de gaz méthane à une société en faillite aux États-Unis et à une autre sans aucune expérience connue dans l'industrie, ravivant ainsi les inquiétudes concernant l'appel d'offres controversé.

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Seeing the Forest for the Wood

Explore case studies that underscore the risks of supporting illegal forestry practices and discover how five key principles of transparency and traceability can help investors delineate between false solutions and meaningful mitigation.