Quem Comprou o Gado Ilegal do Território Apyterewa?

Nosso novo relatório identifica ações urgentes que o governo brasileiro, seus principais parceiros comerciais e as empresas de carne devem tomar para dissociar a pecuária do desmatamento e do crime na Amazônia e em outros biomas ameaçados no Brasil.


Who Bought Apyterewa’s Illegal Cattle?

How cattle raised illegally in an Indigenous Territory in the Brazilian Amazon were laundered into the supply chains of JBS and Frigol

EIA follows the path of illegally raised cattle from the Apyterewa Indigenous Territory into the supply chains of major meat companies. The report identifies urgent actions to decouple cattle ranching from deforestation and crime in the Brazilian Amazon.


Shipping the Forest

Millions of Tons of Illegal Timber from Mozambique, Including Conflict Timber, are Exported to China for Luxury Furniture

EIA’s multi-year investigation reveals how the timber trade between Mozambique and China, reliant upon major global shipping lines, finances violent insurgents and violates log export bans.


Failing the Forest

How Home Depot Has Sold Illegal Congo Basin Timber to its Customers for Over a Decade

This report presents new findings from eight years of EIA investigation into the timber supply chains that connect crimes in the Congo Basin forests to consumers in the United States.