Mercury in Retrograde

An EIA undercover investigation unravels the secret ingredient in many racist and colorist “skin lightening” products: a mercury compound missed by global regulations so far.

A beluga mother and baby swimming as seen from above

Save Cook Inlet Beluga Whales

The most recent population count of Cook Inlet beluga whales from NOAA is encouraging, but this is no time for a victory lap. The overall well-being of this unique population remains uncertain.

A group of rhinos look around cautiously as they walk together

World Rhino Day 2023

At the start of the 20th century, there were approximately half a million rhinos in Africa. Today, there are fewer than 23,000. If the current rate of poaching continues, rhinos may not have much time left.

A herd of elephants walk in a line on a dusty road

World Elephant Day 2023

Since the world banned the international trade of ivory in 1989, most nations have done their part to protect elephants by closing their domestic ivory markets. When will Japan join the fight?