Poached Timber

    Since 2018, Mali has suffered two military coups, while the country has become one of the largest suppliers of rosewood to China, through the export of Pterocarpus erinaceus – commonly identified as “kosso,” “keno,” or “bois de vêne,” a species the trade of which is regulated by the Convention on International Trade in […]


EIA Briefing to the 89th meeting (Part 1) of the Executive Committee of the Multilateral Fund

This briefing outlines EIA’s views and recommendations on two substantive issues under discussion at the 89th meeting of the Executive Committee (ExCom) of the Multilateral Fund (MLF). Review of Institutional Strengthening Projects, Including Funding Levels Document 89/4 recognises the major contribution and the relevance of institutional strengthening (IS) support in the achievement of A5 countries […]


Letter: NGOs Urge Tokyo to Implement Advisory Council’s Recommendations on Ivory Trade

EIA and 26 international non-government environmental and conservation organizations sent a letter May 10, 2022, following up on previous letters and appeals to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG), to urge TMG to follow through on its commitment and take action to address concerns about Tokyo’s ivory trade by implementing the recommendations of the Advisory Council. The […]


Modernized Safety Standard: A Crucial Milestone for Clean Cooling

Continued use of refrigerants containing hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), super greenhouse gases thousands of times more potent than CO2, is fueling the climate crisis. With the global stock of household air conditioners expected to triple by 2050, it is critical for this sector to be HFC-free and energy efficient. A crucial milestone was reached this week for […]

Press Release


環境保護団体は、東京都の有識者会議が提言した、象牙取引問題への対策を歓迎している。 東京による象牙の取引と違法輸出に対する国際的懸念に対し、2020年1月、小池百合子東京都知事は、東京都は、主要な国際都市として都内の象牙取引に対処し、国際社会への責任を全うすべく、意義のある行動をとると公約した。こうして設置された象牙取引規制に関する有識者会議の主たる任務は、都内の象牙取引を検証し、象牙の国内取引に対する国の規制を評価し、東京都がとれる措置を検討、提言することだった。第7回にして最終の会合で、象牙取引規制に関する有識者会議は3月29日に開催され、提言内容が合意された。 [...]