Por la Protección de los Bosques y Derechos Humanos en la Amazonía Peruana

En rechazo al abuso, la deforestación y la impunidad corporativa

Durante las últimas semanas en el Perú, algunos medios de prensa televisiva y escrita y sus redes sociales han iniciado una fuerte campaña de difamación. En respuesta, 9 organizaciones indígenas, 47 organizaciones de sociedad civil y 109 ciudadanos conocedores del tema, hemos firmado un pronunciamiento público expresando nuestro respaldo a los difamados y nuestro rechazo a la impunidad corporativa.


For the Protection of Forests and Human Rights in the Peruvian Amazon

In Rejection of Abuse, Deforestation, and Corporate Impunity

9 Indigenous organizations, 47 civil society organizations and 109 knowledgeable citizens have signed a public statement expressing our support for Indigenous leaders, environmental defenders, civil society representatives and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) targeted by a defamation campaign in Peru.


Summary of background work, including research and testing, contributing to the revised requirements for A3 refrigerants within IEC 60335-2-40: 2022

EIA urges stakeholders in the U.S. to utilize this and other available resources developed during the IEC’s process of evaluating the safe use and installation of equipment using R-290 and other hydrocarbon refrigerants to make ultra-low global warming potential (GWP) ACs and heat pumps available in North America.


EIA supports strong action on HFCs in New York

Our Comments on the Proposed Regulation

There are widespread, successful uses of alternative refrigerants that protect the climate, and ozone, and offer enhanced energy efficiency, but to scale up these alternatives and cut emissions at the pace needed to fight the climate crisis, we need strong policies.