<p>Illegal logging in the Russian Far East is of particular concern because the forests are home to the last 450 wild Siberian tigers. The Lumber Liquidators case was investigated jointly by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and Homeland Security Investigations and prosecuted by the Department of Justice under the name “Operation Oakenshield.”</p>

Ethically Bankrupt: World Bank Defense of the HFC-23 Scandal

The United Nations Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) was created in 2003 to allow emission-reduction or removal projects in developing countries to earn carbon credits, each equivalent to one tonne of CO2. These certified emission reduction (CERs) can be traded and sold, and used by industrialized countries to a meet part of their emission reduction targets […]


The Montreal Protocol in 2010: Maximizing Climate Benefits From Ozone Protection

The breadth and magnitude of climate change ranks it as the gravest threat that humanity has ever faced. And while Parties may offer reasons why the Montreal Protocol cannot or should not act to enlarge its mandate to include limiting and eliminating GHG emissions from ODS, ODS substitutes, and ODS by-products, none of these reasons […]

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World Bank Attempting to Sabotage Reform of CDM HFC-23 Projects

WASHINGTON, D.C. / LONDON – In an effort to justify its participation in perhaps the biggest carbon market scandal to date, the World Bank has dismissed concerns that the UN Clean Development Mechanism’s (CDM) HFC-23 projects are generating millions of fake carbon credits. An analysis released today by the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA), Ethically Bankrupt: […]


The Montreal Protocol in 2010: Dynamic Action for Ozone and Climate Protection

The Montreal Protocol is at a crossroads in its efforts to restore Earth’s ozone layer. In light of the escalating pace of global warming, controlling and minimizing the adverse climate impacts associated with the phase-out of ozone depleting chemicals has become obligatory. Recognizing this, the Multilateral Fund has approved numerous pilot projects to develop, demonstrate […]

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CDM Panel calls for investigation over Carbon Market Scandal

WASHINGTON, D.C. – A coalition of environmental NGOs today said that the UN Executive Board has to follow up on the CDM Panel’s recommendation for a thorough investigation to adequately address fundamental flaws in Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) rules that incentivize production and issuance of phony carbon credits. The coalition is demanding strong and immediate […]