The official picture of the commitment made by 12 Chinese companies

US-China agreement on super greenhouse gases–A real breakthrough?

The landmark agreement between President Obama and President Xi on Saturday to curb super greenhouse gases, specifically hydroflurocarbons (HFCs), could be the best news we have heard in a while. It is the first time that the largest producers and consumers of these harmful chemicals have agreed to work together to phase-down HFCs under the […]


Countries begin formal talks while HFC climate bomb ticks

The Montreal Protocol took a long-awaited, first step towards eradicating hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) last week in Bangkok, with the first formal discussions since a phase down was first mooted in 2009. Until now, a few countries have been reluctant to even discuss these climate-destroying chemicals. But this week, countries agreed to form a “Discussion Group,” focusing […]

Rolando Navarro

Explosion of Super Greenhouse Gases Expected over Next Decade

Action needed to prevent HFC-23 climate bomb from China and India WASHINGTON, D.C. – China and India are expected to release vast amounts of the chemical hydroflourocarbon-23 (HFC-23) into the atmosphere, causing global greenhouse gas emissions to skyrocket, according to a new report launched today by the Environmental Investigation Agency. HFC-23, a by-product in the […]

Hong Kong Customs displays 82.5kg of rhino horns from South Africa and destined for Malaysia. Photo: ISD

The Montreal Protocol in 2013

Legacy at Stake: Why the Montreal Protocol Must Take Action on HFCs This year, the planet passed a dangerous milestone when atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide exceeded 400 parts per million, prompting the scientific community to advocate renewed vigour in efforts to combat climate change, and the UNFCCC’s Executive Secretary to call for a “policy […]