The Network of Institutional Patronage Behind Forest Looting While the coronavirus pandemic rages on, ravaging Zambia’s economy and crippling its citizens’ lives, new findings by the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) show that illegal exploitation and trade in mukula (Pterocarpus tinctorius) persists unabated, benefitting a small number of well-connected and wealthy individuals. A probing undercover investigation […]


EPA Must Stop a New Black Market in Super Greenhouse Gases

By Cynthia Giles and Alexander von Bismarck Against the backdrop of the booming and prosperous drug trade of the 1990s, a lesser known but also lethal black market was emerging from an unfamiliar source – gases that caused the hole in the ozone layer. At the same time ozone-destroying chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) were being phased out […]


Still Waiting for Action: Tokyo’s Ivory Trade Assessment

The reality of the scope and impact of COVID-19 hit home for much of the world when the Tokyo 2020 Games were postponed. A year later and looking far different than ever expected or hoped, the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games finally arrived. As the host of the 2020 Games, Tokyo has come under increased […]

Alog yard in Romania

EIA calls on the FSC Board of Directors to stop the re-association of HS Timber

The FSC at a crossroads in Eastern Europe An FSC certified forest in a Natura2000 protected During its meeting this week, the Forest Stewardship Council’s (FSC) Board of Directors will determine whether to end its disassociation with one of the largest timber processors in Europe, the Austrian HS Timber Group (formerly known as Holzindustrie Schweighofer). […]


Respuestas de las empresas a Carne Contaminada

La EIA-US se puso en contacto con las entidades relacionadas con los hallazgos y nombradas en el informe e incorporó resúmenes de las respuestas recibidas antes del momento de la publicación. Hemos añadido a continuación las respuestas recibidas poco después de la publicación del informe que se refieren al fondo de nuestras conclusiones. Grupo Exito: […]

Climate-Friendly Supermarkets Map

International Earth Day 2021

This Earth Day EIA joins 100+ civil society and indigenous organizations on a public statement demanding the government of Peru to take urgent measures to guarantee the protection of defenders of the environment and human rights. Read the statement