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Landmark EPA Climate Rulemaking Takes Aim at U.S. Phasedown of Super-Pollutant HFCs

*Washington, DC — *The Environmental Protection Agency has published a landmark new climate regulation to establish an allocation system to cap and begin phasing down hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), the super pollutant greenhouse gases used mainly in cooling. The White House also announced a series of actions coordinating across six federal agencies to accompany the rule, including creating an interagency […]

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The Lie Behind the Ply

European Consumers of Tropical Plywood have been the Unwitting Drivers of Threatened Forest Degradation Washington, D.C.— In an unprecedented investigation that connects threatened forests of Solomon Islands, China’s timber manufacturing hubs, and European importers, the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA-US) reveals today that several European companies appear to have imported thousands of tons of tropical-faced plywood, […]

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Tokyo Fumbles Short-Term Ivory Trade Action

Tokyo Fumbles Short-Term Ivory Trade Action TOKYO — Conservation, environmental and animal welfare groups bemoaned measures announced today by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to address Tokyo’s illegal ivory trade as a missed opportunity. Tokyo’s short-term plan is focused only on consumer awareness and falls dramatically short of expectations for substantive action, instead replicating previous failed awareness efforts by […]

 Illegal wood in PNSD and Yavarí Tapiche
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First-Ever Walmart Shareholder Resolution on Climate-Damaging Refrigerants Passes Key Threshold for Support

Washington, D.C. – Today, Walmart investors voted on the first-ever shareholder resolution on refrigerants and their related climate impacts. The initial count indicates 5.5 percent of investors voted in favor of the proposal filed by Rhode Island Treasurer Seth Magaziner, urging Walmart to disclose how it will limit its impact on climate change by increasing […]

Climate-Friendly Supermarkets Map
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Press Release: Tainted Beef

Colombian Supermarkets Linked to Illegal Deforestation and Armed Conflict in the Amazon Washington, D.C. — A new report by the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) reveals how beef sold in Colombian supermarkets is fueling illegal deforestation in protected Amazon forests and contributing to financing armed groups. The groundbreaking investigation traces beef originating from illegally deforested areas […]