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Three Basins, Three Battlegrounds

Frontline communities defending their rights and rainforests against the onslaught of extractives in Brazil, DRC, and Indonesia

Explore three cases that underline the current threats that extractive industries pose to these key ecosystems, highlight the ways that Indigenous Peoples and local communities are resisting, and offer recommendations for strengthening forest governance from the ground up.


Meeting the Moment

Securing the Montreal Protocol’s Legacy in this Decisive Decade for Climate Action

Read EIA’s briefing with recommendations on key issues to be discussed at the 35th Meeting of the Parties (MOP35) in Nairobi, which can shape the Montreal Protocol’s legacy in delivering emission reductions during this decisive decade for climate action.


Mercury in Retrograde

An EIA undercover investigation unravels the secret ingredient in many racist and colorist “skin lightening” products: a mercury compound missed by global regulations so far.


Mercury in Retrograde

The Dark World of Toxic Skin Lightening Products

An EIA undercover investigation obtained compelling evidence from seven companies in three countries that they intentionally add toxic mercury into skin lightening products, underlining the urgent need for the Minamata Convention on Mercury to strengthen enforcement and compliance mechanisms.