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Letter: Open Letter to President Castillo from the Inter-Ethnic Association for the Development of the Peruvian Rainforest (AIDESEP)

Given the current situation, the Inter-Ethnic Association for the Development of the Peruvian Rainforest (Aidesep), representing more than 1800 communities, 109 federations and 9 regions, states the following: Three weeks ago in a radio program, the now premier, Hector Valer accused indigenous peoples of being “tenacious landowners”, and “paralyzing the national economy”, proposed to convert […]


KT Tunstall Address to COP26

  Singer and songwriter KT Tunstall addresses leaders at the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) and urges global leadership on preventing deforestation and violence in Indigenous communities by supporting and investing in Indigenous land management and global accountability.  


Willing to Sell: Snapshot Investigations of Ivory Hanko Retailers in Japan

Japan is home to the world’s largest legal domestic ivory market, and its weak ivory trade controls enable consistent trafficking in ivory, including illegal exports. EIA and Japan Tiger and Elephant Fund completed two snapshot investigations in 2020 as a follow-up to a similar 2018 investigation to determine retailers’ willingness to sell an ivory hanko […]

Climate-Friendly Supermarkets Map

International Statement of Solidarity with Peruvian Indigenous Peoples During the Political Crisis

EIA joins 10 other organizations, all allies of the Peruvian Indigenous movement for decades, previously concerned about the COVID19 situation in the Peruvian Amazon and today alerted to the political situation in Peru, respectfully address public opinion and Peruvian authorities to state the following: (1) We are concerned with the situation of political instability in […]

 Illegal wood in PNSD and Yavarí Tapiche
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Indigenous Peoples Sue Peruvian Government over Re-opening Logging in Forest Reserves as COVID-19 Spreads in the Amazon

Lima, July 23, 2020 –The Regional Organization of Indigenous Peoples of the East (ORPIO) in the Peruvian State of Loreto has filed a lawsuit stating that the regional government would violate Peru’s constitution by restarting logging in the midst of the pandemic in forests that are home to indigenous peoples living in voluntary isolation. The […]

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Livestream: Defend the Defenders

Musicians from Maroon 5, Dave Matthews Band and Guster Join Peruvian Indigenous Leaders, Advocate End to Illegal Deforestation of the Amazon Rainforest Washington D.C.— James Valentine (Maroon 5), Stefan Lessard (Dave Matthews Band) and Adam Gardner (Guster) join with Peruvian Indigenous leader Diana Rios for a special event co-hosted by the D.C. Environmental Film Festival […]