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We advocate for the collection of transparent data among companies and governments. Our approach is twofold: we create innovative tools, and we support transparent and traceable systems that detect and deter environmental crime. Consumers are increasingly becoming aware of the issue of illegally sourced goods, which has resulted in an increased demand to know the origin of the products they buy. We believe people deserve to know where products come from, and how product origins impact the world. 

Effective transparency systems are designed to provide appropriate and differentiated access to supply chain information for companies, government technicians, enforcement officials, and the public, while also protecting sensitive information as needed. Traceability enables the linking of a product through multiple owners and various stages of production. Transparent, traceable supply chains will give companies and consumers confidence that their products were sourced legally, and the ability to better assess the sustainable and ethical manners in which these products were produced. 


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The Dictator’s Door

Our new investigation into crimes in Equatorial Guinea's forests suggests that Home Depot, the world’s largest home improvement chain, and Jeld-Wen, the self-declared largest door and window manufacturer in the world, have violated the US Lacey Act for years through their failure to conduct proper due care to ensure they do not use illegally sourced wood.


Opening the Rosewood Pandora’s Box

Recent trade data shows that the trade suspension of P. erinaceus has slowed, but not stopped, the export of this endangered rosewood species from its range in West Africa. Evidence from the ground also shows that illegal logging and international trafficking of the species are still taking place across the region.


Application of Article XIII

EIA prepared an analysis of key Article XIII compliance matters in key countries given their persistent non-compliance and/or significant roles in wildlife trafficking globally.

A devastated landscape of cut trees and pollution
Press Release

La vente aux enchères de combustibles fossiles en RDC après la signature par le gouvernement d’accords gaziers louches aliment de nouvelles inquiétudes

Le gouvernement de la République démocratique du Congo (RDC) a attribué les premiers contrats dans le cadre d'une vente aux enchères de 30 blocs de pétrole et de gaz méthane à une société en faillite aux États-Unis et à une autre sans aucune expérience connue dans l'industrie, ravivant ainsi les inquiétudes concernant l'appel d'offres controversé.