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Find an HFC-free Fridge: A Buyers Guide

First published in June 2020, Updated in February 2022

We are compiling a list of climate-friendly fridges available in the United States, where super pollutant hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) are still used widely despite the availability of HFC-free alternatives. HFC-free fridges use a refrigerant, R-600a or isobutane. R-600a has a very low global warming potential (GWP) of 3 compared with R-134a, the typical HFC used in fridges, which has a GWP around 1,400! R-600a is also very energy efficient, reducing your electric bill and even more emissions.

List of HFC Free Refrigerators

Want to find out if a fridge not on our list is HFC-free? Whether you’re shopping for a new fridge, or just want to know what refrigerant is in yours, it’s easy to find out. All fridges are labelled with a sticker located on the inside compartment that lists which refrigerant is used along with other manufacturing information. If you see “R600a” on this sticker, congratulations, you found an HFC-free fridge!

This list compiles data shared by equipment manufacturers, discovered by EIA researchers, and shared with EIA from individual consumers. This list is not comprehensive. Beginning in 2022, nearly all household refrigerators offered in the US will no longer use HFCs (with the exception of built-in models which will transition by 2023) due to a number of state regulations and a resulting voluntary national commitment by manufacturers. HFC-free refrigerators will thus become the only options available for most fridges on the U.S. market in 2022. EIA also recommends buyers assess the energy efficiency of the models they purchase, looking for labels like Energy Star certified or qualified. Fridge models on this list may be cross referenced with U.S. EPA Energy Star’s list of models that meet Energy Star Most Efficient 2021 Criteria, which also displays refrigerant type.

Disclaimer: EIA is not affiliated with nor does it receive any financial or other benefit from any company presented here. All facts are based on best available public knowledge as of the date of publication. EIA has taken reasonable care to check the accuracy but gives no warranties as to accuracy or completeness for any particular technology or company.