Sign-on Letter to Biden Administration on Addressing Zoonotic Disease Spillover Risk

EIA, together with more than 60 other environmental and conservation organizations, is calling on the Biden Administration to adopt strategies and policies critical to addressing the increasing threat of zoonotic disease spillover into human populations.

The majority of emerging infectious diseases originate in and are transmitted from animals to humans, and most of these zoonotic diseases originate in wildlife. U.S. response and recovery actions need to center on efforts to prevent zoonotic spillover events, and ensure that global health systems are prepared for and able to respond to disease outbreaks, and to prevent their progression to epidemics or pandemics.

The recommendations to the Biden Administration address the clear and compelling connections between human health and the role that our current mode of exploitation of nature plays in the spillover of zoonotic disease and the rise of global pandemics.

Read the full letter here.