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DECLARATION: Declaration of Regulatory Emergency on Oil Palm (English translation)

The expansion of oil palm in the Peruvian Amazon is threat to both the rights of indigenous peoples and the forests on which they depend. EIA revealed the details and irregularities of oil palm plantations in the Peruvian Amazon owned by Grupo Melka and Grupo Romero in the investigative report, Deforestation by Definition, yet weak laws and enforcement allows for continued violations. On August 25th, Aidesep, the Interethnic Association for the Development of the Peruvian Amazon, convoked the nine indigenous federations of the Amazon, and declared a regulatory emergency on the growth of oil palm in the country. EIA translated their resolution (see below), in which they demand that the government suspend all land transfers to large oil palm plantations until conflicting regulations are modified and it’s guaranteed that no more primary forest is cut down in the Amazon.

“Our forests and territories cannot continue to be destroyed, first without anybody saying anything and second because no clear rule exists that regulates or controls this palm activity in an effective manner” stated the directive council of Aidesep.

Read EIA’s translation of the declaration here. You may also read the original declaration in Spanish here.