F-Gases at the Fenceline

Exposing The Fluorochemical Production Sector’s Undisclosed Emissions

Using cutting-edge infrared detection equipment, EIA investigators detected high levels of fluorinated gas (F-gas) emissions at the fencelines of two production facilities in the U.S. operated by Honeywell and Chemours. Several potent greenhouse gases identified in the report have not been declared in recent years of greenhouse gas reporting to the EPA. 

The substances detected pose serious concerns for human health and the environment given their high climate warming impact, ozone depletion, and/or breakdown into persistent degradation by-products. Many of these gases are associated with unexpected rising global emissions identified in recent scientific studies, suggesting that global fluorochemical production and/or illegal production and use are the primary sources of approx. 870 million tonnes CO2 in emissions on an annual basis.

The United States remains a major global producer and consumer of fluorochemicals and has a responsibility toward investing in the technology and policy solutions to end industrial emissions of F-gases domestically and globally.

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