A group of Peruvian protestors hold up signs advocating for protecting the Amazon

For the Protection of Forests and Human Rights in the Peruvian Amazon

In Rejection of Abuse, Deforestation, and Corporate Impunity

During the last few weeks in Peru, some television and print media and their social networks have initiated a strong defamation campaign against Indigenous leaders, environmental defenders, civil society representatives and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that have been investigating and denouncing illegalities committed by the agribusiness companies Tamshi and OchoSur, originally linked to the former Melka Group.

In response, 9 Indigenous organizations, 47 civil society organizations and 109 knowledgeable citizens have signed a public statement expressing our support for those defamed and our rejection of corporate impunity.

The statement includes a list of more than 100 documents that account for more than 10 years of investigations and complaints against the companies in question and the background of the plantations they operate, including official documents from Peruvian government authorities, as well as investigations, complaints and statements made by multiple national and international NGOs and media, Indigenous organizations, industry associations and multilateral agencies such as the United Nations and the Organization of American States.

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