HFC-free Procurement and Refrigerant Management

Today the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) released a new report that aims to serve as a resource for U.S. officials and procurement officers to incorporate HFC-free procurement into existing policies and programs to mitigate federal emissions of HFCs, a potent greenhouse gas (GHG) also known as hydrofluorocarbons. The report, “An Initial Guide to HFC-free Procurement and Refrigerant Management for the U.S. Government,” will assist federal agencies to successfully comply with President Obama’s Climate Action Plan (CAP) and other Executive Orders.

The report provides an introduction to the broader international HFC policy landscape and summarizes the existing U.S. policies and agency initiatives that authorize HFC-free procurement. The report outlines key sectors where HFC-free equipment and products are available for purchase or acquisition. Additionally, the report provides information on refrigerant management policies that will reduce the overall lifecycle emissions from HFC containing equipment currently in use by federal agencies.