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Tip of the Iceberg: Implications of Illegal CFC Production and Use

Just six months after scientists revealed unexpected and high emissions of CFC-11 and EIA investigations promptly provided evidence of illegal use of CFC-11 in China’s polyurethane (PU) foam insulation sector, much has been done to address this enormous environmental crime. China has responded with an unprecedented nationwide enforcement action and has shut down at least one […]

Blowing It: Illegal Production and Use of Banned CFC-11 in China’s Foam Blowing Industry

  Download the report Information obtained by the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) demonstrates conclusively that the use of CFC-11 in China’s rigid polyurethane (PU) foam insulation sector, in particular in the building and construction subsector, is widespread and pervasive. CFC-11 is used as a foam blowing agent for the manufacture of molded foam panels and […]


Under the Counter: China’s Booming Illegal Trade in Ozone Depleting Substances

EIA has been actively tracking the global illegal trade in ozone depleting chemical since the mid-1990s and has built up a unique dossier on the methods and routes used by the ODS smugglers, as well as some of the key companies and individuals involved. In 1998 EIA revealed that China had overtaken Russia as the […]