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How China can help save the Amazon via the leather trade

Aside from Brazil itself, there is perhaps no other country with as great an opportunity to help prevent this deforestation than China, Brazil’s biggest customer for the two agricultural commodities that are the main drivers of deforestation: soy and cattle.



The Network of Institutional Patronage Behind Forest Looting While the coronavirus pandemic rages on, ravaging Zambia’s economy and crippling its citizens’ lives, new findings by the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) show that illegal exploitation and trade in mukula (Pterocarpus tinctorius) persists unabated, benefitting a small number of well-connected and wealthy individuals. A probing undercover investigation […]

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China Delivers Double-Punch to Pandemic

The world is now focused on fighting a common enemy: COVID-19. For most of us, this is an unprecedented moment of global struggle. The first hit nation, China, has seemingly emerged from the most difficult stage and is forging ahead with exceptional measures to address the root causes of the pandemic. Notably, upon learning that […]

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Preventing Illicit Trade In Nigeria’s Endangered Plant Species

Preventing Illicit Trade In Nigeria’s Endangered Plant Species Africa Program Coordinator, Kidan Araya’s speech transcript at the Human and Environmental Development Agenda (HEDA). Thank you again to HEDA for inviting me to speak today. In the spirit of keeping today’s discussion an exchange of ideas between Nigerian stakeholders and in full acknowledgement that I am […]