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Poached Timber

    Since 2018, Mali has suffered two military coups, while the country has become one of the largest suppliers of rosewood to China, through the export of Pterocarpus erinaceus – commonly identified as “kosso,” “keno,” or “bois de vêne,” a species the trade of which is regulated by the Convention on International Trade in […]

Stop the Slaughter: Close Domestic Rhino Horn Markets

More than 9,200 rhinos have been poached across Africa since 2006 to meet demand for their horn stemming primarily from China and Vietnam. White rhinos have been especially hard-hit by this poaching crisis, experiencing a total population decline of 15 percent from 2012 to 2017 down to an estimated 18,067 rhinos. The Convention on International […]

China and the Illegal Rhinoceros Horn Trade: Deficiencies and Recommendations

An insatiable demand for rhino horn has driven a poaching crisis that has seen at least 7,100 rhinos slaughtered in Africa over the past decade. China has historically been a significant consumer of rhinoceros horn and is the primary destination for poached rhino horn today. Since 2006 1.42 metric tons of seized rhino horn have […]

Vanishing Point – Criminality, Corruption and the Devastation of Tanzania’s Elephants

EIA’s latest report, The Vanishing Point: Criminality, Corruption and the Devastation of Tanzania’s Elephants, delves into how Tanzania’s elephants are once more being slaughtered in vast numbers to feed a resurgent ivory trade in China in an illegal trade driven by Chinese criminal syndicates and Tanzanian corruption. Vanishing Point reveals how some politicians from Tanzania’s […]


OPEN SEASON: The Burgeoning Illegal Ivory Trade in Tanzania and Zambia

The level of illegal ivory being seized worldwide is at an all-time high as evidenced by the number of large consignments that have been seized since January 2009. In November 2008, 108 tonnes of ivory was sold in a “one-off” sale to China and Japan from Botswana, Namibia, South Africa and Zimbabwe. The view was […]