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<p>Illegal logging in the Russian Far East is of particular concern because the forests are home to the last 450 wild Siberian tigers. The Lumber Liquidators case was investigated jointly by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and Homeland Security Investigations and prosecuted by the Department of Justice under the name “Operation Oakenshield.”</p>

How Phasing Out HFCs Will Help Close the Pre-2020 Mitigation Gap

HFCs are man-made fluorinated gases developed and commercialised to replace CFCs, HCFCs and other chemicals that deplete the ozone layer. Unlike CFCs and HCFCs, HFCs do not destroy ozone; however, they are powerful greenhouse gases (GHGs), with global warming potentials hundreds and thousands of times more powerful than carbon dioxide (CO2). HFCs are primarily used […]

HFC-Free Technologies Are Available in the US Market for the Supermarket Retail Refrigeration Sector

Research is currently underway to prove and commercialize additional applications for natural refrigerants in supermarket refrigeration systems; over time, as demand for climate-friendly alternatives increases worldwide, so too will the range of alternatives and types of products available, as well as the number of suppliers that provide them. To download the report, click here.

The Montreal Protocol in 2012: Ending the Reign of Fluorocarbons, Answering the Call on Climate

Under the Vienna Convention, the Montreal Protocol has been tasked with responsibility for controlling ozone-depleting substances (ODS) and dealing with any “adverse effects” arising from their elimination. Without question, the negative impact and contribution to global warming arising from using HFCs as alternatives to ODS qualifies as an “adverse effect ” that is a direct […]

The Montreal Protocol in 2011: Winning the Ozone Battle, Losing the Climate War

At last year’s Meeting of the Parties, delegates from over 140 nations had the opportunity to take action on a number of agenda items for climate mitigation consistent with their obligations for ozone protection. The HFC Phase-out Amendment proposals, a decision on ODS Banks, and action to maximize direct transitions to low-GWP alternatives all had […]