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象牙のハンコ:日本の違法な象牙取引&アフリカ ゾウの悲劇の元凶

  日本における象牙製ハンコへの需要の興りは、 象牙業界がもたらした現代的な現象である。「ハ ンコ」は、円筒形をした、氏名を押捺するスタンプ である。手書きの署名が西洋で使用されている のと同様、日本社会では、様々な用途で、個人用、 社用に一般的に使用されている。今日、日本は世 界で最大の合法的象牙市場を持つ国であり、国 内の象牙消費の80%がハンコ製造によるもので ある。 Download Report

Superficial Reforms: An Analysis of Recent Amendments to Japan’s Ivory Control Laws

In response to international concern about major weaknesses in its domestic ivory control system and evidence of illegal ivory trade, recently the Government of Japan (GoJ) made changes to its domestic ivory control laws and associated programs and institutions. These purported improvements are outlined in Notification to the Parties No. 2018/0611 and SC70 Doc. 49.1 […]

China and the Illegal Rhinoceros Horn Trade: Deficiencies and Recommendations

An insatiable demand for rhino horn has driven a poaching crisis that has seen at least 7,100 rhinos slaughtered in Africa over the past decade. China has historically been a significant consumer of rhinoceros horn and is the primary destination for poached rhino horn today. Since 2006 1.42 metric tons of seized rhino horn have […]

Hong Kong Customs displays 82.5kg of rhino horns from South Africa and destined for Malaysia. Photo: ISD

New York Ivory Crush

On August 3, 2017, New York state destroyed nearly two tons of ivory in Central Park at the state’s first ivory crush. New York is the first state to crush ivory, which follows two US government crushes of six tons in 2013 and nearly one ton in 2015. New York passed an ivory trade ban […]