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The Dirty Secrets of Japan’s Illegal Ivory Trade

To read EIA’s report in Japanese, click here. EIA’s report, The Dirty Secrets of Japan’s Illegal Ivory Trade, reveals a 20-year history of broken commitments by Japan to enact effective controls to prevent poached tusks from being sold domestically or for illegal export. The report follows shocking new elephant census data revealing a 30% decline […]

The Importance of Closing Domestic Ivory Markets

Behind the elephant slaughter is the demand for ivory trinkets, which is justified worldwide by countries’ legal domestic markets for elephant ivory products. Legal domestic ivory markets provide major cover for selling illegal elephant ivory, and undercut effective enforcement. Strong leadership globally will be instrumental in closing down these problematic legal ivory markets and removing […]

TRANSCRIPT: JWRC Conversations with Undercover Investigator

Under Japan’s domestic ivory laws, all persons looking to trade elephant tusks must first register them with the Japanese Wildlife Research Center (JWRC) to prove they were imported prior to the 1989 international ban on ivory trade. However, in several phone calls with EIA investigators in 2015, a JWRC official repeatedly offered advice and suggestions […]