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LSE Financing Illegal Deforestation in Peru via AIM-listed United Cacao Ltd. SEZC

In a briefing by the Environmental Investigation Agency, evidence reveals that United Cacao Limited SEZC, traded on the London Stock Exchange’s Alternative Investment Market (AIM), financed over 11,100 hectares of illegal deforestation in the Peruvian Amazon, by way of United Cacao’s direct subsidiary, Cacao del Peru Norte, and two related companies, Plantaciones de Pucallpa and […]

Instruments of Change: Lessons from the Rainforest (Official Trailer)

Official Trailer for Instruments of Change: Lessons from the Rainforest. Last December we traveled to Guatemala with Maroon 5, Guster, and our partner REVERB. The trip was an inspiring example of how some communities are using sustainable forest management to combat illegal logging, which is causing devastation around the globe to people and the environment. […]

LETTER: Musicians, Reverb, EIA send letter to Guatemalan President

Inspired by a recent trip to Guatemala with EIA and partner Reverb, Jesse Carmichael and James Valentine of Maroon 5 and Adam Gardner of Guster, have sent a letter to the President of Guatemala, asking him to support one of the world’s leading models of forest management. Forest concessions in northern Guatemala’s biodiverse Maya Biosphere […]

Unedited aerial imagery of deforestation in Peru

This video contains unedited aerial video of the giant cacao plantation called Cacao del Peru Norte. Learn more: eia-global.org/blog/united-cacao-linked-companies-ordered-to-stop-operations-by-peruvian-author

LETTER: EIA joins coalition calling for action in Latin America for palm oil traders

Spurred by the recent murder of Guatemalan environmental and human rights defender Rigoberto Lima Choc, a coalition of twelve global human rights and environmental organizations yesterday alerted the world’s biggest palm oil traders of the gross violations of human rights occurring in the palm oil sector in Mesoamerica. The coalition has issued a letter calling […]