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Aerial photo of a forest with a large square area of trees having been taken down. The patch of land that remains is mainly dirt and shrubbery
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Grupo bipartidista de legisladores presentará ley para enfrentar la deforestación y delitos ambientales a nivel global

Washington, DC — El senador Brian Schatz (D-HI) y los congresistas Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) y Brian Fitzpatrick (R-PA) anunciaron hoy la presentación de la Ley de Bosques (FOREST Act), la cual, de ser aprobada, prohibiría la importación de productos agrícolas producidos en áreas que hayan sido deforestadas ilegalmente. La ley exige que las compañías que importen ciertas […]

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US Company Pleads Guilty to Importing Illegal Timber from Peru

  A United States timber importer, Global Plywood and Lumber Trading LLC, has pleaded guilty to importing illegal timber from Peru in violation of the US Lacey Act, which prohibits trade of illegal timber products into the country. A six-year investigation conducted by Homeland Security Investigations, Customs and Border Protection, and the Department of Justice, […]

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The Lie Behind the Ply

European Consumers of Tropical Plywood have been the Unwitting Drivers of Threatened Forest Degradation Washington, D.C.— In an unprecedented investigation that connects threatened forests of Solomon Islands, China’s timber manufacturing hubs, and European importers, the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA-US) reveals today that several European companies appear to have imported thousands of tons of tropical-faced plywood, […]

 Illegal wood in PNSD and Yavarí Tapiche
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The Origin App

EIA Launches Mobile App to Help Consumers Seek and Demand Wood Product Origin Information to Achieve Greater Supply Chain Transparency Washington D.C. — Today, the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) launched The Origin App, a mobile application that empowers people to make better choices about what and from whom they buy. EIA believes that people deserve […]

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EIA Applauds Newly Announced U.S. Bill to Tackle Global Deforestation; Urges Biden-Harris Administration to Support

Washington DC— Senator Brian Schatz revealed plans today to introduce legislation that would put in place import requirements for agricultural commodities associated with illegal deforestation. The bill would oblige companies bringing commodities such as beef, leather, palm oil, soy, and cocoa into the U.S. to know where these goods originated and to ensure they were […]