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Forest Liquidators & Timber Smugglers: The Full Story

How an EIA investigation regarding the Lacey Act led to the first criminal sentence and millions of dollars in fines for North America’s largest hardwood flooring retailer. In February 2016, for the first time in history, a major U.S. corporation was sentenced for committing a criminal felony for smuggling wood into the United States, related […]

What do Siberian Tigers and American forestry workers have in common?

What do Siberian Tigers and American forestry workers have in common? Both are threatened by the illegal timber trade, which destroys forests and undercuts responsible forest industry – and the good jobs it provides – with cheap, black market timber from around the world. In areas like the Russian Far East high levels of corruption […]

Lacey Act FAQ

Frequently asked questions about the U.S. Lacey Act, the world’s first ban on trade in illegal wood.

How Illegal Russian Oak Becomes Hardwood Flooring in the USA

This video illustrates the path of illegal timber from the old growth forests in the Russian Far East, through manufacturing in China, and ultimately into homes and offices in the United States as hardwood flooring. The devastating impacts of the illegal timber trade clearly show the need for implementation and enforcement of the Lacey Act, […]

Liquidating the Forests

  EIA’s new investigative video details the extent and nature of illegal logging in the Russian Far East (RFE) and tracks illegally harvested valuable hardwoods across the border into China, through factories and warehouses, to its ultimate destination in showrooms around the world. It is then purchased by consumers unaware of the devastating effects on […]