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Heavy Fuel Oil: A Priority Threat to Arctic Cetaceans

The Arctic is undergoing a period of profound ecological transformation due to climate change. Sea ice melt is creating an opening for new commercial opportunities in the region, including increased ship traffic. These activities pose a major threat to Arctic cetaceans such as the beluga whale, especially the possibility of a heavy fuel oil (HFO) […]

Lost at Sea: The urgent need to tackle marine litter

In the latest from our colleagues at EIA-UK, a new report, Lost at Sea, calls on governments, industry, retailers, and consumers to help end the appalling damage that plastic waste inflicts on marine environments. The report details how global plastics production has grown from five million tons per year in the 1960s to 299 million […]

<p>Illegal logging in the Russian Far East is of particular concern because the forests are home to the last 450 wild Siberian tigers. The Lumber Liquidators case was investigated jointly by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and Homeland Security Investigations and prosecuted by the Department of Justice under the name “Operation Oakenshield.”</p>

Convenience Kills: SPAR Norway helps prop up Norwegian whaling

SPAR Norway and its parent company NorgesGruppen ASA are important facilitators of the distribution and sale of whale meat in Norway. Food products from the hunts of protected minke whales killed in Norwegian waters are being sold in a number of SPAR Norway outlets and other NorgesGruppen stores. Under an objection to the global moratorium […]

Slayed in Iceland: The Commercial Hunting and Trade in Endangered Fin Whales

Slayed in Iceland: The commercial hunting and international trade in endangered fin whales has been jointly released by the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA), Animal Welfare Institute (AWI) and Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC) on the eve of the 65th meeting of the International Whaling Commission (IWC). Iceland’s fin whale hunt revolves around Kristján Loftsson, a […]

We R Rakuten…

EIA has produced this short campaign film in the style of Rakuten’s own ‘We R …’ commercial to raise awareness of its sales of elephant and whale products.  

Blood e-Commerce: Rakuten’s profits from the slaughter of elephants and whales

The Rakuten Group, via its wholly owned Japanese subsidiary Rakuten Ichiba, is the world’s largest online trader in elephant ivory and whale products. Rakuten Ichiba sells thousands of elephant ivory products, made from the tusks of African elephants that are currently being slaughtered at the rate of up to 50,000 a year in the worst […]