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Japan’s Elephant Ivory Trade: Where Are We Now?

Elephants have been in the conservation spotlight for decades, and for good reason – these iconic and keystone species have suffered bouts of intense poaching for their ivory tusks and have had their population numbers slashed drastically. Unfortunately, the poaching problem isn’t over, and as long as there are legal ivory markets and the demand […]


Cutting Through The Noise: EIA’s Take on International Progress to Reduce Underwater Noise in Commercial Shipping

Recently, EIA attended the Ship Design and Construction Sub-Committee (SDC 9) meeting of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in London. The IMO is where countries meet to agree on regulatory frameworks to, among other things, minimize the environmental impacts of shipping. EIA has been participating in IMO meetings for nearly eight years. We worked together […]


What is CITES?

The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) is an international agreement to which governments voluntarily adhere and which seeks to ensure that the trade in specimens of wild animals and plants does not threaten their survival. The annual international trade in wildlife is estimated to be worth billions […]