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NGO Appeal to Tokyo for Urgent Measures on Ivory

EIA and 25 international non-government environmental and conservation organizations sent a letter February 18, 2021 to follow up on a previous appeal from March 2020. Our organizations encourage the closure of Tokyo’s ivory market and also recommend some actions the Tokyo Metropolitan Government should take before the ivory market can be closed, including during the […]

Willing to Sell: Snapshot Investigations of Ivory Hanko Retailers in Japan

Japan is home to the world’s largest legal domestic ivory market, and its weak ivory trade controls enable consistent trafficking in ivory, including illegal exports. EIA and Japan Tiger and Elephant Fund completed two snapshot investigations in 2020 as a follow-up to a similar 2018 investigation to determine retailers’ willingness to sell an ivory hanko […]

White Whale, Gold Mine – Live Premiere

Watch above or directly on Youtube!Premiere starts at 4pm Alaska / 8pm Eastern! What the film is about: Featuring music by Portugal. The Man and narrated by Zach Carothers, White Whale, Gold Mine shines a light on the importance of beluga whales to Alaskans and the Alaskan ecosystem. The film will highlight how belugas, other […]

The Pebble Tapes

The Pebble Tapes are a series of recorded conversations between EIA investigators and the Chief Executive Officers of Pebble Limited Partnership and Northern Dynasty Minerals, the companies behind the contested Pebble Mine project in Alaska. The the tapes are organized by topic and edited for brevity within each topic. Where the investigators’ voices can be […]

2019 Impact Report

2019 marked our thirtieth year of profound global impact, and what a year it was! From Yahoo! Japan banning the sale of ivory —culminating from a decade of unrelenting EIA pressure — and thereby eliminating a market that drove the slaughter of African elephants for years; to the launch of our Climate-Friendly Supermarkets website, celebrating […]

Letter: Appeal to Tokyo’s Governor Koike for Ivory Market Closure

Letter: Appeal to Tokyo’s Governor Koike for Ivory Market Closure On March 12, 2020, EIA and 29 international and Japanese environmental and conservation organizations sent a letter to Tokyo’s Governor Yuriko Koike commending Tokyo for taking progressive action to investigate the trade in ivory within Tokyo prefecture and explore measures to prevent illegal ivory trade and […]